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Yazbeck 3mm Snyper Thermoflex Gloves


Warm, flexible, durable… Get the most out of your dives and keep those hands warm. In the waters of the Pacific Northwest your hands and feet will be what gets cold first and investing in the right neoprene will extend those dives.

Made of Yamamoto Neoprene, the Yazbeck Snyper Thermoflex Gloves are laminated with the Snyper Camo Lycra from our Yazbeck Holoblend Series.

Their interior is lined with our special NanoPreneShield, a combination of Bio-Ceramics and Titanium Oxide for durability, ease of donning, thermo-reflecting and anti-bacterial properties. They are also totally sealed inside, making them 100% waterproof!

The Palm is made of ultra resistant, durable and chaffing resistant Kanoco material, reinforced with our Polyurethane Ink Dots, benefitting gripping power performance for your gear and harvest.

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