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RIFFE Euro E-55cm Speargun


RIFFE Euro Series wood spearguns are designed for all level of freedivers, spearfishers and divers. Featuring the Mag-Track which offers a faster shaft engagement and may be used for free shafting spearfishing.

RIFFE’s Euro low profile designs are made with 3 vertical laminated teak wood sections and barrels are manufactured in a rectangular shape with radius corners for maximum beam strength. A bolted front muzzle for adds more strength. All RIFFE Euro wood speargun series models come standard with threaded stainless steel reel inserts for mounting a reel.

RIFFE’s Euro Wood Speargun Series

⦁ Low-Profile, 3 vertical laminate teak stock
⦁ RIFFE’s Stainless 2-Piece Steel Trigger Mechanism with added silencer
⦁ Side rotating spring loaded safety
⦁ All models come stock with 9/32” (7.1mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft with large tabs
⦁ (2) 5/8” (16mm) black coated amber RIFFE Gorilla Rubber
power bands with 1000 lb. Spectra wishbone line (accepts (3) 9/16” (14mm), (2) 5/8” (16mm) power bands)
⦁ Rigged with 300 lb. abrasion resistant Nylon monofilament shooting line for faster shots
⦁ 5″ Bungee Shock Chord with 500lb. test Pigtail Swivel (400lb. Snap Swivel optional)
⦁ Automatic side mounted line release
⦁ Reinforced bolted muzzle
⦁ Heavy duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip
⦁ Rear loading pad with full vision when aiming down the shaft
⦁ Automatic side mounted line release
⦁ Built in stainless steel threaded reel inserts, designed to fit the RIFFE Horizontal Reel – Flat mount

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